Saturday, August 30, 2008

NADAC in Durango

We are doing the Labor Day NADAC trial in Durango. Very fun, very social.

Split's first trial was rained out except for one run, so this was really the first. Today he was entered in Jumpers, Standard, and Touch N Go. Randy and he q'ed in both jumpers and standard. For the most part they did very good. Randy could have supported some areas a little more to avoid spins, but they g0t the job done.

Tip had 6 runs today, but only Q'ed in one. She had beautiful standard runs, but I ended up having to train both dog walks, bummer. In the jumpers run she dropped a bar, but other wise great run. Not sure why it was dropped, I think because I paused a little too much in a jump box to make sure she committed. Chances was handler error. She got the distance challenge, which was quite the challenge--change of direction, and discrimination. She dropped a bar when I called out 'weave' when she was over the jump. Duct tape is in order I think! In weavers she skipped some poles because I was running too fast past them--hum, guess I need to proof some more. At the end of the day she finally q'ed in Touch N Go.

In USDAA Tip has a FANTASTIC running A-frame, but with the shorter NADAC A-frame I have to draw my hand down the landing side so that she hits her contact. This causes me to babysit the obstacle. I am sure this is because she doesn't really understand how she is suppose to perform the obstacle. But....She FINALLY stopped on her dog walk contact!

There is so much to re-train with your first agility dog. Where to start? We will see what tomorrow brings.

The next two days at the trial was fun, however we were not blessed with q's. Randy and I did learn what we need to work on next with Split. Sequencing, rear crosses, and Randy driving Splitty.

Tip continued to blow her dog walk contact. *&^%$, Grrrrrr

We did have some beautiful runs except for that. I tried a bonus line tunnelers run. That was fun! I need to learn how to run Tip at distance (60 feet!). Bless her heart, she came into me which is NOT her default behavior.

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